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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Green Housekeeping was started by three working moms who desperately needed a dependably, affordably, eco-friendly cleaning service to help manage their hectic lives. The threesome would meet at the neighborhood caf, when they could, to sneak a quick cup of coffee and catch up on each others lives when inevitably one of the friends would bring up some short fall with their cleaning service. "One housekeeper was good at cleaning the bathroom, another dusting yet another on time and friendly but never the whole package". The friends would talk about their pet cleaning peeves like, making sure to clean the baseboards every time or not have to ask that the grout in the shower stall be scrubbed at each cleaning or that the cleaning products used where not so harsh or toxic and wished that their home would be consistently cleaned has if they had done it themselves…or uh …maybe Mom.

When one of the friends became "downsized" after the housing bubble popped she decided to take control of her own destiny and enlisted her two coffee comrades to take the journey with her. The friends spent numerous hours laying the foundation of what they believe to be a dependably eco-friendly cleaning service whose mission is to exceed the client's expectations at every cleaning visit. Thanks for taking the time to read about us and we hope you give us an opportunity to exceed you cleaning expectations as well.

How are We Different?

Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents

We use only non-toxic products that meet or exceed the EPA's DfE standards

Finally Affordable Green

Green Home Cleaning is now Affordable - the way it should be - with out compromise!

Professional Cleaners

No translation necessary! Our cleaning consultants are experienced professionals

Pet Peeves Solved

We all have them, when it comes cleaning your Home and we want to know yours